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After almost 8 years it is time for this web site to call it a day. All good things come to an end. It has been a turbulent 8 years. The worst and most distressing in Blackburn Rovers 133-year proud history. £100m in debt, two relegations, eight managers, including the awful Steven Kean. We have tried our best to make some sense of it, to very little avail.The architect of our downfall, Jerome Anderson, along with his fellow directors, who included ex Arsenal and currant pundit, Charlie Nicholas, has been exposed for the villain he is. Our inept owners, Venky's of India, have had their day in court with the rogue football agent. The outcome we do not know, not divulged, although some financial settlement with Venky's is reported to have taken place.However, we have gone from the heights of winning the Premiership, to the depths of English Football's third tier, Division One. Losing 50% of our fans along the way. To say our owners, the Rao family have been a disaster is to put it mildly.We have lost good people along the way, people who should never have been let go.
Allardyce, Williams, Finn, Goodman, Hunt, Shaw, Silk, Myers, Bowyer, Kinder, to mention but a few.

During the course of the past 8 years I have been banned by the Lancashire Telegraph, at the request of the Venky's. Have been subject to the threat of legal redress by Jerome Anderson / Kentaro SEM. All a result of unveiling the truth of how Rovers were being run. It is all in the public domain now and well documented.

There are Over 1,000 articles are on this web site, documenting Rovers demise, week by week, month by month, year by year. Browse through them, some stories and our owner’s mistakes are cringe worthy. They are still making them. As if the sacking's Sam Allardyce and Gary Bowyer were not bad enough, we now learn they promised Neil Warnock the manager’s job in May 2016. Only to have their 'heads turned by agent Mike Shearing, who offered them the cheaper option of Owen Coyle, he was appointed 3rd June 2016. Coyle was a poor manager and took us into the 3rd tier of English football for the first time in over 30 years. Their decision making really does Beggar Belief !

Reg is not 'riding into the sunset ' completely. You can follow me on twitter, where i will continue to fight the cause against injustice, crooked football agents and poor football club owners.

We shall meet again on Twitter. Thank you all for your support.        




EricKinder2.jpg - 7.1 kb



A more pressing issue for Mowbray maybe the possible departure of Head of Academy, Eric Kinder (pic above). The appointment of Simon Grayson as the new Sunderland manager opens up that possibility. Should Grayson want to turn around the Sunderland academy , then Kinder would be his man. Kinder's stock is high, he has built up a good reputation at Brockhall.
The two have worked together before, they are old friends. Both live at Brockhall Village.
Would the 58 years old Kinder consider a move to Sunderland ? Maybe, maybe not. Money talks. Bigger club, bigger fan base, possibly back in the Premiership soon.
A doubt hangs over the future of the Rovers academy. It is not cheap to comply with the demands put upon it. Will Venky's continue to finance it ? There is a doubt about everything under the Venky tenure, you can never be sure what they will do next.
Should the offer come Kinder;s way he will have a big decision to make, or maybe it is not so big !
With the Preston job now vacant will Gary Bowyer be back in the Championship before Rovers ?
Bowyer is the perfect fit to replace Grayson for the Deepdale club.



owen coyle.jpg - 6.54 kb

Coyle, his agent and how he got the Rovers job


Whilst delighted Tony Mowbray is staying at Rovers , there is still one cloud on the horizon, and that is can he trust the owners ? I say that not just on our past expiriances, when personal have departed quickly and without explanation. Bowyer, Lambert, Shaw, Myers, Senior, to name but a few. But on the revelations of how Coyle was appointed last June. A prominent media outlet has revealed that in late May , Mike Cheston offered the Rovers job to Neil Warnock, who accepted and they shook hands on it. Cheston was to depart o holiday , so it was agreed to make the announcement on his return and formalise the contract. In the mean time enter Dave Sheron, football agent, agent to Owen Coyle and associate of Jerome Anderson and ex SEM employee. Sheron contacted Balaji, on behalf of his client Coyle who had just been sacked by Houston in the NFL. Sheron, who had dealings with Venky's in the past, talked Balaji into giving the Rovers job to Coyle. ChestoN had to make a massive U turn. Prompting Warnock to make that infamous comment that he had been talking to a club "that did not know what they were doing ". Cheston was ordered to issue that equally infamous statement , Coyle was the outstanding candidate". A statement that will forever haunt him. Coyle lied to the media and the fans when he said , " i do not have a agent , just a solicitor, and have never heard of SEM." Sheron is in partnership with Jerome Anderson and his wife Lisa Anderson , they are partners in Sports Holdings Ltd, a sports agency. Sheron was also named as a director in the adminintors report regarding Kentaro SEM. So Anderson was by association complicit in the hiring of Coyle. Why would Balaji/Venky's want to get involved with Anderson again ? I am informed that giving Coyle the Rovers job was a favour owed to Sheron by Balaji. So we can rejoice all we want at Mowbray;s appointment and the owners promised backing. But are they to be trusted ? Coyle's appointment is a deciet too far for me by the owners. To be further associated with Anderson ( the man who ruined Blackburn Rovers ) is a real kick in the teeth to the fans. It is all there out on the www, Google it.



gary bowyer solo.jpg - 6.67 kb



It has got to said, then put to bed. Gary Bowyer has worked a miracle at Blackpool. The man is a genius. How the Rovers heirarchy must be regretting that crazy sacking on 5th November 2015. Nothing has gone right at Ewood since that fateful day. Who would have thought we would have slipped into Div One just 18 months and 76 games later. A result of sacking Bowyer and completely destabalising , club , players , coaching staff and fans. A stabalised club with a happy playing and coaching staff was ripped apart, and for what ? To bring in two desruptive managers, one also inept at his job , that lay the foundations for our demise to the 3rd tier of English Football. All this after Bowyer had finishes of 7th and 9th, then worked for 12 months under a transfer embargo and severe FFP restrictions , whilst keeping the club stable and out of relegation trouble . Then we sacked him , you could not make it up. Bowyer joined Blackpool last June. Just relegated, no team , no money , no fans and owners worst than the Venky's. At least Venky;s let us 'slag them off' without taking us to court. Bowyer has really performed the impossible at Bloomfield Road, the pundits had Blackpool for certain relegation to Non League. Now they are playing in the same Division as Rovers, thanks to Bowyer. Bowyer will probably be back in the Championship before Rovers. But not with Blackpool, someone will snap him up. Someone with an eye for a good manager, unlike Sunil Pasha and our owners. The ' Bowyer Bashers' have been made to eat their words, no way did they envisage Div One on the 5th November 2015, as they applauded the demise of Bowyer and the appointment of Lambert. They say Bowyer should have done better ! Really ! The truth of the matter is that Bowyer massivley over achieved at Rovers, with a squad he put together with bargain basement and astute signings. Some of thoes players have failed to flourish without Bowyer. Non more so than Rhodes and Gestede. Both have had two big money moves since leaving Rovers. Both have lost their goal scoring mojo. Under Bowyer they flourished, that is the mark of a top manager. Gives no pleasure in saying "told you so", when Bowyer was sacked , but "told you so". Disaster to follow i predicted, disaster we got .


STAYING ON: Tony Mowbray has agreed to stay on as Rovers head coach after meeting Venky's in India

Tony Mowbray agrees to stay on as Blackburn Rovers head coach following talks with Venky's in India.

 TONY Mowbray has agreed to stay on as Blackburn Rovers head coach after productive talks with Venky’s in India.
The 53-year-old revealed after relegation on the final day at Brentford on May 7 that he would travel to India  to seek assurances before committing his future to the club.
And Rovers have now confirmed that the 53-year-old has agreed to stay on at the club ahead of their League One campaign in 2016/17.
He said: “I’m very happy with the discussions that I have had.
“I’ve met the owners, I’ve met the people that I am working for, and I am very happy to move forward.
“Whilst we were all disappointed with the end of last season I see it as an opportunity to now move the club in the right direction and grasp this opportunity whilst it is there for us.
“The owners were supportive of my ideas and plans, and they have assured me of their financial commitment to help achieve our targets. It was all very positive.”
Mowbray replaced Coyle in February, leading Rovers to 22 points from his 15 games in charge, which saw just three defeats.  But that wasn’t enough to keep the club in the Championship as they were relegated to League One on goal difference despite a final day win at Brentford.
He has previous experience of managing in League One, leading Coventry to eighth place in 2015/16, five points off the play-offs, despite being in the top six for much of the first five months of the season.
Mowbray left Coventry in September of the following season, before taking over the Ewood reins in late February.

With acknowledgement to Lancashire Telegraph.