Is the Rovers Transfer Embargo just the thin end of the wedge?.
How has it all come to this – with worst obviously to follow.
We need full transparency from the Rovers owners as to what has happened, and why.
Who is responsible?.
Gary Bowyer and Managing Director Derek Shaw (pic above) are in the firing line and taking all the flack. Which is grossly unfair.
What part did Steve Kean and Jerome Anderson play in the accumulation of high transfer fees. Excessive players’ salaries and contracts ?.
How much influence did Jerome Anderson have on the club when appointed Venky’s advisor in December 2010. Did he, as has been suggested have total control of the Venky’s purse strings ?.
Why was Sam Allardyce sacked on 13th December 2010 ?.
A fateful decision.
And shame on those Rovers supporters who ‘ Danced on Big Sam’s Grave’. Probably our last PROPER MANAGER of repute. And a decision that cost us our Premiership status.
Why was John Williams and Tom Finn, two of footballs best and most respected administrators, allowed to leave the club ?.
With little or no chance of promotion to the Premiership by 2016 – the owners target date. Are we heading for administration ?.
We need answers and full transparency from the Rao family.
Why do some Rovers fans have the superior attitude of entitlement ? like we are a big club and entitled to be in the Premiership.
NO – we are not. Get real.
I hate to say it but take Burnley for example. They are playing awful boring football. Grinding out results by sheer hard work. That has yielded them 15 points from 16 games. And scoring very few goals in the process.
But there fans appreciate their efforts to try to remain in the Premiership.
Would the same be said of Rovers fans. NO.
The majority would be complaining Rovers were not at least in mid-table, and playing attractive football. This attitude is what Big Sam had to contend with and now Gary Bowyer.
Bowyer has performed miracles to even have the beleaguered Rovers in the top half of the Championship. And I for one appreciate it.
The mere survival of the club will be an achievement for those trying their best like Bowyer and Shaw and supporters who live in the REAL WORLD.
We do not want hollow apologies from the owners for not being successful. We want apologies for abject failure and the demise of the club.
Full disclosure and transparency is needed.
The supports should insist on it.
A seige mentality is needed by all.



Former Rovers defender Michel Salgado (pic above), appearing on Richard Keys Talksport Sunday programme recently.
Discussed amongst many other things his days at Ewood Park and playing in the Premiership.
Salgado praised Sam Allardyce as the best manager he has played for, including his days at Real Madrid. Salgado said “Sam’s man management is second to none. His pre-match planning is meticulous, he leaves no stone unturned”.
Salgado went on to tip ‘Big Sam’ as a future England Manager.
Salgado had some harsh words to say about the Venky’s take over of Blackburn Rovers. Saying “Rovers demise under the Indian owners Venky’s was crazy and outrageous, Blackburn Rovers owners are killing a great club”.
With regard to Kean he said, tellingly, “he did not want to discuss his relationship with the former Rovers Manager”.
The former Real Madrid and European Cup Winner had nothing but praise for the English Premiership saying “One day he would like to return in some capacity”.



I still think it is a minor miracle Rovers are even competing in the Championship with a decent team. Following the disastrous ‘scatter gun’ spending frenzy of Kean and Anderson.
Rovers could easily have slid through the Leagues and been facing Accrington Stanley on equal terms by now!, that is the miracle Gary Bowyer (pic above) has performed.
It is time people got real and realised it. The very future of the club is still under threat. Pity the Lancashire Sports Journalist, Paul Wheelock does not realise it. He just does not seem to grasp the damage done by Kean / Anderson and the magnificent recovery under Bowyer and Managing Director Derek Shaw.
However, Rovers need just one season in the Premier League – just one.
It would solve their FFP problems and stave off the possibility of liquidation.
One season would produce an estimated income of a £150M, according to latest stats. Plus £93M over the next 3 years in Parachute payments if relegated.
That is what Burnley are doing. They will not make any attempts to spend silly money to avoid relegation. If they stay up it is a bonus. But that one season gives your club financial security and secures the future. Unless you did what Kean / Anderson and Venky’s did and dish out ridiculous over- paid long term contracts to mediocre players. ie Bradley Orr who has just returned to Ewood after being on loan at Toronto.
The days of clubs like Blackburn Rovers staying in the Premiership for 14 years are long gone.
Lancashire Telegraph’s sports journalist Paul Wheelock does not do Rovers any favours with his continued negative comments. He must get Gary Bowyer down.
God knows, what this journalist would have had to say about Kean – Berg and Appleton. He would have been writing in Blood !. For Bowyer and Rovers sake the sooner this journalist goes back to the Chester Chronicle the better.

Foot note:
What about Saturday’s attendance. Although Gary Bowyer has enticed back 2000 / 3000 fans following the Kean era, 14,920 on Saturday at Ewood Park was disappointing.



First of all whatever was former Blackburn Rovers FA Cup Final fullback, Dave Whelan thinking when he appointed Malky McKay as his new manager at Wigan Athletic.
Given all the baggage that McKay brings, it was a crazy, crazy appointment.
Surely the worldly wise Whelan could have anticipated what was coming. But obviously he didn’t.
The fallout has been horrendous for the 77 year old former Rover.
I like Whelan. I remember him opening his first tiny Sports Shop in Brownhill / Blackburn. The Rovers left back’s career having being ended with a horrific broken leg in the 1960 FA Cup Final.
He served in the shop, in those days, and had a stall on Wigan Market at weekends. He is a self-made man, a brilliant entrepreneur, a millionaire many times over.
He was a close friend of Jack Walker and nearly bought the Rovers himself before ‘Uncle Jack’.
Now he is being charged by the FA as a possible racist. A 'Dinosaur' yes, but a racist NO.
Obviously it is of his own doing. But what Whelan was, unwisely doing, was defending his decision to appoint Mckay. Rather unsuccessfully. The more he defended the indefensible, the bigger the hole he dug – and he didn’t stop digging.
But what of the FA ? is it one rule for Whelan and another rule for others.
Why hasn’t McKay been charged for his recent racist and sexist remarks. ?
Why wasn’t Premiership Supremo Richard Scudamore charged for sending sexist texts towards female employees.
Why wasn’t FA Referees Chief, David Elleray, who survived in office despite making a racist comment to a Black college, charged like Whelan ?.
Is  there an agenda to get Dave ? if there is it is a disgrace. Whelan deserves better.
Whelan is being punished enough just by appointing McKay, sponsors have left the club, the local MP is not happy. Fans are divided in opinion. And Wigan are still losing games.
How Whelan must regret his ill-judged appointment.
Even the Venky’s would not of made that one !
Would they ?


Will Blackburn Rovers swoop for Chelsea’s young 21 year old striker Patrick Bamford, (pic above) in the January transfer window.
Enabling Rovers to then cash-in on Jordan Rhodes.?
If Rovers could get an offer closed to the £11M they were offered by Hull City for Rhodes, they would probably sell the popular striker. Enabling them to go for the outstanding young talent of Bamford.
Chelsea are asking £2m. So Rovers could bank themselves a handsome profit and ease their FFP problems.
Unfortunately Rovers cannot see themselves getting anything like Hull’s August offer of £11m.
Bamford is also wanted by Middlesbrough, were he is currently on loan, and Derby where he was on loan last season.
Both clubs rate him highly. In fact it is strange why Chelsea do not nurture him.
Bamford has been on loan with MK Dons and scored 21 goals in 44 appearances.
Derby County, 8 goals in 21 appearances. Middlesbrough, 6 goals in 14 appearances.
He has made a total of 73 appearances in the Championship and FL scoring 31 goals.
A move for Bamford is on the cards if Rovers can find a buyer for Rhodes.
It makes good financial and football sense.