Simon Smith Column is absolutely spot on

I make no apologies in reproducing journalist Simon Smith thought provoking column from the Lancashire Telegraph on Tuesday 28th October 2014.
If you missed the controversial article, read below,

"IT was Joy Division who said ‘when routine bites hard and ambitions are low’.
But, even after the waning division of joy over the last four years, the ambitious nature of Rovers fans remains high.
Far from accepting that the glory days are long gone, the Ewood massive expect the same quality and results as they did a decade ago.
And now that Rovers sneak under the national media radar into a position of relative strength, this expectation will grow.
But is that a good thing?
We Rovers fans are traditionally a curmudgeonly bunch that nonetheless still demands the moon on a stick.
There is a suspicion that we all secretly believe another Jack Walker will reveal himself, Alan Shearer will take a quantum leap back to 1992 and Pep Guardiola will fall in love with Holland’s Pies and Thwaites mild.
Last season, on the way to a finish that was only two points off a play-off place – only a year after a chaotic four-manager season and relegation tussle – Bowyer’s team were booed off three times after Christmas.
This season already has seen rumblings towards ousting the man who has taken us from the cusp of relegation and potential ruin to our current enviable position.
We have, on the whole, a young squad and the rejection of a £12m bid for its talisman points to the clubs long-term aim to keep that squad together.
So, what SHOULD we expect from this season? That our bitter rivals turned a 35-year hoodoo into what will now be a five-year unbeaten run, and slipped into the league we had previously overachieved in, did sting every Rovers fan somewhat.
But, do we envy them now?
Would the undercoat of a play-off place and near miss this season prime the club for a gloss finish of automatic promotion next season and, more importantly, send us up with a strong united squad that, with a few additions, could maintain a top level place?
Or would we prefer to briefly live the dream again?
As it is, Rovers are currently playing some genuinely exciting football – usually once they’ve had 45 minutes to warm up.
And where in the past the conceding of a goal has led to heads dropping, the current crop appears to have the desire to battle back and play patient football.
So perhaps we fans should follow their example. The away support has been consistently positive for some time now and if the home atmosphere can also be become tolerant and yet vociferous then it could go some way to turning Ewood into a fortress.
Those opening lyrics come from a song called Love Will Tear Us Apart.
Let’s not let our love for our club end up with us all pulling in different directions".


Simon Smiths column Tuesday 28th October is absolutely spot on.
This is the best and most thought provoking article written by a Lancashire Telegraph journalist for a long time.
He has captured the profile of SOME Rovers fans perfectly.
A very well written piece with a lot of substance.
Sometimes i wonder what some Rovers fans expect. As Simon Smith says in his column "The days of Jack Walker and Alan Shearer are long gone".
I cannot get my head around fans who 'slag off' men who have done as good a job as possible for the Rovers, under extreme difficult circumstances.
Big Sam arrived on 17th December 2008 to replace Paul Ince. With just 13 points from 17 games in the bag, and second bottom in the Premiership. He kept us up against all the odds.
Bowyer likewise, then he took us to within 2 points of the play-offs last season.
It will reach the stage when decent men, doing their best for the club, will not want to work for such fickle and unreasonable fans.
The fans were spot on with regard to Kean. Who is working in the 8 team Singapore League. Big Sam is fourth in the Premiership. Enough said.
Simon Smith's article was long overdue.
To quote Winston Churchill.  "If we do not learn from the past, we do not learn at all".


‘Venky’s Forever’ is very good at rewriting history.
(From Lancs Telegraph Website comments Tuesday 21st October)
Let us stick to the facts.
Sam Allardyce was sacked by Venkys on the advice of Jerome Anderson 13.12.2010. The worst decision ever undertaken by a Premiership club in the Leagues 20 year history. And a decision that could ultimately prove to be fatal for Blackburn Rovers future.
The Rovers, at the time, were 11th in the Premiership with 23 points in the ‘Bag’ and only 3 points from the top 6.
Steve Kean took over. And despite the 23 points safety net he still managed to get us into a relegation battle.
The next season 2011 / 2012 the inevitable happened and Kean took us down with a total of 31 points. Rovers lowest ever points total in the top flight.
Instead of sacking him, Mrs Anuradha (I like to be entertained) Desai kept faith with her ‘favourite son’.
True, as claimed by V. F., Kean did have Rovers in 3rd position in the Championship at an early stage in the season. But the League table and the season were in their infancy and a true picture not yet emerged. We were only mid-way into September. On 28th September 2012 Kean, under pressure from Shebby Singh, resigned. And successfully went on to sue the Rovers for £1.3m for constructive dismissal. Rovers had played only 7 Championship fixtures at the time of Keans departure.
With regard to V. F. claim players wanted to play for Kean, this is completely false.
No one at the club could tolerate him. Not even the catering staff and laundry staff at Brockhall. Players could not leave fast enough.
The previous season Chris Samba, Keith Andrews and Salgado were just a few who had refused to even play for him. Whilst others such as Ryan Nelsen and Jason Roberts queued at the exit door.
Kean, along with Jerome Anderson squandered the Rao families money in a spending frenzy that went un-checked by the clubs owners.
This compromised the very future of the club. A spending frenzy that could possibly still put the Rovers into administration and is responsible for our present day predicament.
Why Venkys of London Limited do not sue Kean and Anderson for mismanagement, misrepresentation and alleged embezzlement is a mystery.
They should take a tip from Cardiff owner Vincent Tan who is pursuing previous manager Malky Mckay, Director of of Football Ian Moody and agent Phil Smith for £30m, allegedly misspent in the transfer market. Tan is to make them accountable. Tan is now seen by Cardiff fans in a new and favourable light. Something the ‘under fire’ Venkys could achieve by taking the same actions as Tan.
I would estimate in Kean / Andersons case £100m would be a modest amount for Venkys of London to pursue.
As to V. F. claim in his blog that Burnley are “a club debt free and financially self-funding”.
Maybe they are.
But let us not forget that not long ago Burnley were in a mess.
And who did they turn to for advice on how to sort themselves out?. None other than John Williams and Tom Finn at Blackburn Rovers. We were their role model. Rovers at the time, was properly and well run. Not so now, I will grant you.
2016 seems to be Rovers year of ‘Armageddon’. We are told if we are not back in the Premiership by then, there is a real possibility of administration. Almost a certainly some would say. It is a mess.
 But it is not of Gary Bowyers making.
He has performed miracles to even keep us in the Championship, never mind getting promoted from it.
As to ‘Venkys Forever’ hero, Steve Kean (pic above). Let us not forget that this man is a convicted Drunk Driver, who could have killed a member of YOUR FAMILY on the road.  He is a proven liar, a High Court Judges words not mine. He was successfully sued for slander by Sam Allardyce.
Nice role model !. would you want him at your club ?.
Kean is at present managing in the 8 team Singapore League. Not even up our conference standard.
Needless to say the mercenary Kean is being paid a fortune. Singapore is just about far enough away for Kean to be. I would not even wish him upon Burnley FC. But they have more common sense than that.
Personally I hope he rots in HELL. He has ruined Blackburn Rovers, probably beyond repair.
So do not even mention the words Steve Kean to me. He is one horrible man.
If  Lancs Telegraph correspondent ‘Venky’s Forever’ wants to champion a man like Kean, then it says a lot about his character. Not a nice person to know !.
There is no place in Football or decent society for men like Kean, and Jerome Anderson.



With regard to my article.
ROVERS SNUBBED BY SKY TV. Posted 17th October 2014 (See article)
Has caused quite a stir not to mention controversy.
I have been heavily criticised for suggesting racial issues maybe one of the reasons for Rovers being ignored by Sky.
Although only a suggestion, one of several, it went down ‘like a lead balloon’ on social media outlets I was well and truly ‘Blasted’. Perhaps deservingly so.
However one ‘correspondent’ called DANNO 666, introduced a new twist to the issue. Posting on the Lancashire Telegraph website comments page and on social media DANNO 666 wrote the following, and I quote.
“I do think Sky have an agenda re-Rovers. And have had since Jerome Anderson (pic above) and his cronies milked Venky’s and the club for everything they could during the Steve Kean era. (Football pundit Charlie Nicholas being one of Andersons cronies).
Quite a few of Sky Tv Sports Team are represented by Andersons agency. Hence the infamous interview Anderson gave live on air when he slagged off Rovers fans, and basically blamed us for starting World War 2.
Despite the likes of Simon Garner and other various journalists stating Rovers fans should have a right of reply it fell on death ears. The useless Lancashire Telegraph did nothing.
Sky run the show and S.E.M / Kentaro, Andersons agency, help them along. If you look at the Wikipedia page for Anderson, it gives you a taste of what you are dealing with, ONE NASTY MAN.
They took advantage in a massive and allegedly criminal way.
Why don’t Venky’s sue ?
Miles Anderson anyone” ?
DANNO 666. 17th October 2014

So a new twist. Is Jerome Anderson working in the background against Blackburn Rovers interest out of malice and spite, As DANNO 666 suggests ?
I would not put it beyond the awful man.
He ruined Blackburn Rovers and is still trying to ruin the club further. Probably revenge for the backlash at his son Myles Anderson (the man who could not play football) getting a Premier League contract from Kean.
Where is Myles Anderson now ?
However, whatever the issues we need answers from Sky Sports. As to why Rovers are being ostracized.
Haven’t a clue were Myles Anderson is now. Can’t be bothered to find out. No doubt someone will tell me !


Blackburn Rovers Football Club have been given the cold shoulder by Sky Sports.
Starting on Friday 17th October 2014 until Tuesday 30th December 2014, Sky are featuring 28 live games from the Championship.
Rovers do not feature in one single game.
Insult is added to injury when every other club in the Championship is featured except Blackburn Rovers – WHY ?
What is the reason? Rovers supporters are entitled to know.
We have a new Director of communications, Mr Alan Myers (pic above), appointed on the 14th March 2014.
Myers has worked for Sky Sports. Rovers being one of the clubs he covered in the North West.
Myers needs to come up with some answers. I am furious. Does no one at Ewood Park care anymore ?
National coverage is vital to the future promotion and wellbeing of the club. Public relations are vital. An area Blackburn Rovers sadly lack in.
National coverage for Rovers in any media outlet is extremely poor. Some National Newspapers do not even carry reports of Rovers games.
We need a decent Press Officer. ‘Beating the Drum’ for the Rovers.
Back to the snub from Sky TV.
Between now and the 30th December all Championship clubs are featured live on TV by Sky at least once - except Rovers!
Derby – Notts Forest – Leeds, all feature live on Sky TV no less than five times each. Wolves and Fulham four times each. Charlton – Bolton – Watford, all feature 3 times each. Many feature twice. All other clubs at least once. And many have already featured several times over the season.
Rovers have made one appearance v Cardiff City on Friday 8th August and not featured since. WHY ?
I suggest our Director of Communications gets of his backside and starts doing his job and communicate !
Myers should get on the phone to his ex-colleagues at Sky and find out why the Rovers are being snubbed.
It is his job to promote the Rovers – otherwise he is not fit for purpose. And what is Managing Director Derek Shaw doing about all this ?
OR – is their underlying, sinister, reasons, Rovers are being snubbed ?
Rovers owners are Indian from the Sub-Continent. Do Sky operate a secretive Racial Discrimination Policy against clubs owned by people of Asian / Indian origin ?
Malaysian owned Cardiff City have hardly featured on Sky either. Is that a coincidence ?
To suggest racism by anyone should not be done lightly. But I am at a loss why Rovers are being ignored and the question needs asking.
OR  - have the Ewood Park hierarchy a poor relationship with Sky, for what ever reason. Supporters need to know.
Premiership clubs are exempt from any such issues. It is in the Sky contract all clubs have to feature a certain minimum number of times. Not so in the Championship.
We need answers. The profile of the club is diminishing.
Why has not the useless Lancashire Telegraph raised this issue ? Because they are lazy and don’t do their job properly.
I am not a fan or contributor to social Networks such as Twiitter and Facebook. But I know lots of Rovers supporters are.
I suggest they ‘get out there’ and ask the question why their club is being discriminated against. Or is it just a coincidence Blackburn Rovers are the only Championship Club ignored by Sky !!


In Bowyer I Trust

The dissatisfaction with Gary Bowyer by some Rovers fans beggars belief.
Do any of his critics have the slightest idea of what Bowyer is having to overcome following the disastrous sacking by Venky's of Sam Allardyce in December 2010. And the following disastrous two year reign of the awful Steve Kean and his agent Jerome (the man who ruined Blackburn Rovers) Anderson. In all fairness to Bowyer the Rao family should make public the misdemeanors and downright incompetence and mismanagement of the Kean / Anderson reign which borders on the criminal.
Bowyer has given Blackburn Rovers stability.
On Saturday v Huddersfield there was another cracking 90 minutes of entertainment at Ewood.
Every game so far (Scunthorpe apart ) has been well worth the money.
Ok, we did not win again. But the team is playing good entertaining football. For those having a 'moan', think not long back to Berg / Appleton and the awful Kean. The teams performances were terrible.
That is how far Gary Bowyer has progressed. He is on the right tracks.
Achieved under punitive restrictions. Keep it up Gary Bowyer. The wins will follow.
Promotion ? probably not, but we at last have a team to take pride in.
After the dark days of the awful Kean, it is progress.
No one could of done any better than Gary Bowyer.
In Bowyer I trust