Blackburn Rovers have a new Director of Communications, Press Officer to you and me. The first since the dismissal of Paul Agnew some two years ago.
Alan Myers (pic above) has been in the job since March. Formerly with Everton, Alan says “it is his job to communicate to the fans. Its about engaging with the fans and its about engaging inside the club as well, because communications are both external and internal. My main priority will be to try and get the Rovers fans talking to us and talking to them”.
Asked how aware were he of the events that have gone on at Ewood for the last couple of years, Alan replied” I worked for Sky Sports before I moved to Everton last summer and I did have a quite a close association with the club because I was Sky Sports North West Bureau Chief and Blackburn was one of the clubs I monitored for Sky Sports News. I obviously saw what happened and saw how things changed at Ewood and it was really quite sad to be honest, because I always felt that Blackburn was a proper football club, with great tradition, great history, great fans and great people around the place. And I always loved coming here. My job here is not to look into the past and what went wrong, although it will be disrespectful of me to tell the fans to forget what’s happened, but I believe in looking forward.
This club should not be where it is and I think the will of everyone here – the owners, the manager, the players, the staff and the supporters – is to get this club back into the Premier League”.
Fine sentiments from our new press officer but if he wants to realy know what has gone on since that dark day when Allardyce was sacked on 13-12-2010. Log on to and scroll back the last four years.
Although I know it is not his brief to resurrect the past, apologies are still needed from Mrs Anuradha Desai and her brothers for their mismanagement and ruination of a fine football club.
Questions need answering before we can move forward.
•    Why was Allardyce sacked?
•    Why were two of the game’s best administrators, John Williams and Tom Finn allowed to go? Was their departure instigated by agent/advisor Jerome Anderson?
•    Who appointed the disastrous Steve Kean?
•    Why unprecedented protest by fans wanting Kean sacked totally ignored?
•    Why are banners and drums still banned from Ewood Park?
•    Did Jerome Anderson run Blackburn Rovers and make day to day decisions for over two years as indicated by RT. Hon Jack Straw MP, the club’s Honorary Vice President.
•    Why was Kean and Anderson allowed to sign so many below average players on high salaries and long contract’s. Who authorised this?

I could go on and on and I know that my persistence in these matters annoy some people. But history tells us you ignore the past at your peril because if you do, it will all happen again.
Only the owners can explain these issues and some ‘Humble Pie’ from Mrs Anuradha Desai is long overdue.
On a lighter note it would not go a miss if our new Director Communications (Press Officer) could attempt to get the Rovers more coverage in the National Press. Daily Mail in particular.
Good luck in your new job Alan, working for the Venky’s you will need it. Just ask Paul Agnew.


Blackburn Rovers U/21 manager / Coach, Eric Kinder (pic above) has a vital role to fill at Ewood Park.
In these days of UEFA Regulated Financial Fair Play clubs like the Rovers will find it difficult if not impossible to purchase quality players. Make no mistake about it FFP is for the benefit of the large and richer clubs. The rich get richer and poorer get poorer, as the saying goes.
Expenses cannot exceed revenue and the Rovers income barely covers running costs.  The days of competing at the Top Table are all but gone.
Not only will clubs on the scale of the Rovers feel the pinch but Premiership clubs as well. Loaning players and bringing through their own talent via the Academies is the only way forward.
Everton for instance are a prime example.
What would Lukaku cost Everton? Lets say in the region of £25M. Deulofeu is a rising star in the Barcelona Academy who has represented Spain at every level from U/16 through to U/21, and was voted the Golden Player at the UEFA U/19 European Championship. He would not come cheap.
Then there is Gareth Barry, a squad player at Manchester City and now 33, but even so, he might have commanded £6M as a permanent transfer in the summer. Total – somewhere in the region of £50M, maybe as much as £60M.
Could Everton have afforded that? Absolutely not, even with the sale of Fellaini. By the time wages are taken into account, it might even have put them in contravention of Financial Fair Play.
Yet FFP is harsher on costly permanent transfers than loans. If Everton borrow they can skirt their financial limitations. So a club that’s buys out right, that’s offers permanence and meets the bill in full, risks being kicked out of Europe, faces a heavy fine or faces a transfer embargo. A club that creates a temporary structure that shares the cost, that runs a shop with its rivals stock, gets the green light. That isn’t fair.
A lesser club, comparable with Rovers, Wolverhampton Wanderers have told their high-earning players out on loan, there is little chance of them getting back into the team, even in the Championship. Kevin Doyle at QPR, Roger Johnson (West Ham) and Kevin Foley (Blackpool) have been shipped out by manager Kenny Jackett in favour of Academy players, loans or budget buys. Big money player contracts have crippled Wolves just like they have at the Rovers.
Rovers will receive £8M as a parachute payment next season, after £15m and £17m the previous two years. These payments, some squandered by Kean and Anderson, have kept Rovers afloat. But payments to this seasons relegated clubs from the Premiership will be treble under the new Sky TV deal. Rovers have missed the ‘Gravy Boat’ due to Venkys of London Limited mishandling of the club.
The loan system is the path Rovers have to go down and Kinder is key to that.
Gary Bowyer brought the highly rated Kinder into the club partly for that purpose. Eric under sees U/21’s and monitors the progress of players Rovers have had to loan out to reduce wages and come into line with FFP.
DJ Campbell, Alan Judge, Leon Best, Bradley Orr to mention but a few are out on loan.
Whether Bowyer will want or can take some of his loan player’s back is open to debate. But they have lucrative contracts Rovers must honour, largely due to Kean’s recklessness.
Kinder along with Bowyer monitors the progress, behaviour, attitude and form of all Rovers players out on loan. Whilst looking out for talented players to take on loan themselves. Michael Kean for example from Man United, who looks a terrific prospect.
In the meantime Eric Kinder is nurturing the U/21’s and Phil Cannon looks after the academy. Rovers must hope some first team players immerge in years to come.
The loan system is not ideal and open to ridicule, but for clubs like Rovers it’s is the only way forward.


Blackburn Rovers owners Venky’s (Rao family pic above), are planning to make a rare trip to the town in the hope of meeting the queen.
The Indian based family are arranging a flying visit next week when her majesty is due to hand out Maundy money at Blackburn Cathedral. As owners of the town’s football club they are on the guest list.
Owner Mrs Anuradha Desai and her brothers, Ventkatesh and Balaji Rao would love to meet the royals – although there presence in the town has not exactly been welcome among Rovers fans on previous trips.
The Venky’s visit is being kept hush hush in case of a backlash. They want to make the long haul to see the Queen without any fuss.
Pity they could not take the time to visit and help the club over the past two troubled years.
Pity they cannot take the time to address the Rovers fans and explain their plans for the future.
Pity they cannot take the time to explain past mistakes and there are plenty.
Pity they cannot take the time to apologise for the sacking of Sam Allardyce in December 2010 and the disastrous appointment of advisor / agent Jerome Anderson who ran the club for a ruinous 2 years.
Pity they cannot take the time to apologise for the continued appointment of the useless Steve Kean, despite fans requests and fans demonstration’s to have him removed. Kean thanked Anuradha Desai’s loyalty by sueing her for 1.3 million for constructive dismissal. What a RAT – but she was warned.
Pity they cannot apologise for giving Kean, against all advice, the Premier League parachute payments to recruit new players in 2012. Totally wasted a part from the signing of Jordan Rhodes.
Pity they cannot explain why 12,000 paying fans have deserted the club.
No it’s a pity they have not the time to fly from India to address all of these things. Probably they just don’t care.
But meet the Queen – well that is a different matter !

Do not forget, try to attend Ewood this Tuesday for the vital clash with QPR.
We can make a difference.


Nobody has campaigned for Blackburn Rovers to appoint an experienced manager more than me.
Ever since the awful Steve (the man who cannot win football matches) Kean was appointed. The club has chugged along since the 13th December 2010 (the fateful day Big Sam was sacked) without anyone of any repute in the most important position at a football club.
However I cannot help but be impressed with Gary Bower (pic above) and his coaching staff of Terry McPhilips, Craig Short and Eric Kinder.
Bowyer has built a side that can compete in the Championship, because we did not have one. We looked like slipping through the leagues. I fully expected to be playing Accrington Stanley on level terms in a couple of years, such was the mess Kean left us in. Bowyer has taken away those fears.
We have not got a team good enough to win promotion, far from it, but the seeds have been sewn.
Bowyer faces a mammoth task. He still needs to off load a lot of overpaid and over rated players accumulated by Kean and agent Jerome (the man ruined Blackburn Rovers) Anderson. None more so than Leon Best and Bradley Orr, who are on massive money that Rovers cannot afford. Reputed to be £40,000 each per week – Premier league wages.
Or in particular is a damning case and illustrates the skulduggery that went on during the disastrous Kean / Anderson reign.
The seeds were sewn for Orr’s massive contract on that fateful Monday evening when Wigan visited Ewood Park in April 2012. Wigan won 1/0 and finally sent Rovers down to the Championship with 31 points. The lowest points total ever accumulated by Blackburn Rovers.
Sky TV needed a Rovers representative to face the TV cameras in the aftermath of the match. Orr was delegated by Kean to be that man in a pre-arranged agreement anticipating the outcome of the evening.
Bradley Orr live on national TV gave Kean a glowing testimonial. Rovers demise was not “Kean’s fault stated Orr, it was all down to the players.” Orr continued “Steve Kean is the best manager / coach I have ever worked with and did not deserve the abuse and criticism from the fans”. Orr continued that Kean was the way forward and would return the Rovers back to the Premiership. The Rovers team in the dressing room could not believe what they were hearing and this interview caused a rift between Orr and rest of the team.
Mrs Anuradha (I like to be entertained) Desai and her useless brothers however fell for it ‘hook line and sinker’.
Kean kept his job, 12,500 fans deserted the club and Orr received a lucrative contract courtesy of Kean and Anderson.
You could not make it up!
This is an example of just some of the problems Bowyer has inherited. Bowyer must stay, he knows the club inside out and what has taken place over the last two years.
Steve Kean and Jerome Anderson ruined Blackburn Rovers. DO NOT FORGET THAT. Only Gary Bowyer can give us the stability needed for the future.

Rovers entertain QPR at Ewood park on Tuesday evening. There is a slight chance of making the play-offs. Gary Bowyer deserves our full support. Please try to attend on Tuesday evening, we have to play our part.


Eric Kinder (pic above) played for non-league Clitheroe during the eighties under the guidance of his mentor the legendary Eric Whalley. I was privileged to play in the same side, wonderful days, marvellous memories.
I was pleased to hear Eric is helping his old club in his role as Rovers U/21 manager. Kinder has loaned out 18 year old striker Jordan Preston to his old club. A product of the Rovers academy, Preston has hit 19 goals for Rovers U/18’s this season and 3 goals for the U/21’s.
Jordan Preston is highly rated at Ewood as an exciting prospect.
His loan with Clitheroe expires this week on 5th April unless extended. The 18 year old scored on his debut in a 4-2 win over Burscough.
Clitheroe boss Simon Garner hopes to further links with Blackburn Rovers. “Eric Kinder has been superb with us, said Garner. “It is a good link to have, and hopefully Jordan will not be the last player we take from them”.
I can tell Simon Garner, Eric has got fond memories of his time at Shawbridge and his help is typical of the man.