The Rao family (pic above) had hoped against hope that Rovers would return to the Premiership after this season. And give the club an immediate influx of £150m of incoming revenue.
The club needs one season, just one, in the Premiership to solve the financial crisis.
£150m plus parachute payments of £93m for possible relegation, would solve the financial crisis, and stop the banks foreclosing on the club.
Barclays Bank have Ewood Park and all the clubs property assets, as security, taken out in November 2011, against massive losses and overdraft facilities.
Only Venky’s business reputation and private assets are keeping the club afloat through their good relationship with the Bank of India.
In order to clear Rovers £80m loss and rising, and comply with FFP regulations Rovers need a massive cash injection that promotion to the Premiership would give them.
An alternative now being considered by the Rao family is for Venky’s to become not only the clubs owners but also official sponsors.
Many things, including shirt sponsorship and the controversial renaming of Ewood Park to Venky’s Stadium would be paramount in the sponsorship. A £80m / £100m sponsorship deal over a three / five year period would make Rovers solvent, and well within FFP regulations.
Similar schemes have been undertaken at Manchester City and Arsenal. Although their revenue streams are much much greater than Rovers.
Home support is of a growing concern. The club cannot be sustained on present gates of around 13,000, with Ewood Park half empty.
Only Mrs Anuradha Desai can solve that one, by apologising to the stay away fans for completely ignoring them with her arrogance when they pleaded for the awful Kean to be sacked.



The frenzy to get rid of Bowyer (pic above) by some, following our defeat v Brighton has been fuelled by local press negativity and would not solve anything.
Gary Bowyer has laid the foundations for recovery. Now we need to build the walls and put the roof on. It is a long job. There is no quick fix.
Make no mistake, but for Bowyer and his staff backed by Derek Shaw, Rovers would be another Blackpool and could still be if common sense does not prevail.
Wigan and Blackpool look doomed for relegation – it is to Bowyers credit Rovers are not.
He is working under a transfer embargo, mounting debts and on a shoe string budget. And for those who still see Rovers as a ‘Big Club’ - you are deluded.
Match attendances alone, scream out the decline that has taken place. Gates of 13,000 or thereabouts will not get Rovers within the needed parameters of FFP. Ewood is virtually over 50% empty every Championship game. That is Mrs Anuradha Desai’s fault, in my opinion, but that is another subject for another day.
Bowyer is our Manager, and it is not going to change. No one of any higher calibre would want the job. It is a poisoned ‘Chalice’. Get real.
I was at the Brighton game, my seat 149 row 1, just behind Bowyer. He was incandescent with rage and frustration. He cares.
The performance was dreadful. Probably the worst since the days of the awful Kean, the hapless Berg and the clueless Appleton. But we are not that good, certainly not a top 6 side. Why should we be, what do people expect. We have no money – no quality players – a transfer embargo. And Venky’s of London hinting at Armageddon if promotion back to the Premiership gravy train is not achieved by 2016.
We have owners who do not talk to us. It is all left to Bowyer. It is a mess. Bowyer is trying to sort it out.
This continued criticism of him and certain players trying to ‘punch above their weight’ does no good at all.
If this time next season things have got worse than that will be the time for a change.
Not now.



How the Venky’s chickens have “Come Home To Roost”.
Football’s rich list, as published by accountants Deloitte, this week. Show ALL 20 Premierships clubs from England’s top flight last season, amongst the world’s richest 40 clubs.
And so it would have been for Blackburn Rovers had Mrs Desai not sacked Sam Allardyce on 13th December 2010.
Allegedly on the advice of her ‘advisor’ and football agent Jerome Anderson.
Anderson allegedly even scripted the statement Mrs Desai gave to Sky TV Sports News the following day.
And I quote. “We have sacked Sam Allardyce for the future good of the club. “ We should be in the Premiership top 4 and playing in Europe. “We do not play entertaining football, and I like to be entertained”. And all this from a woman who had never watched a Premiership game in her life or even set foot on an English football ground. Amazing. Draw your own conclusions.
At the time of Allardyce’s sacking Rovers were mid table in the Premiership and 5 points off the top 5. Possibly the highest position in football Rovers will attain for generations to come.
Five short years later Rovers are a mid-table second tier side. £80m in debt. Fallen foul of FFP. Under a transfer embargo. And to all accounts – BUST.
Mrs Desai should revisit her statement of December 2010 and apologise profusely to all Rovers supporters, and the townsfolk of Blackburn, for completely ruining their football club.
She should while she is at it also apologise to Allardyce. Not to mention the departed Chief Executive Tom Finn and Chairman John Williams, for completely ruining all their good work over the years. Whilst allowing Anderson to allegedly plunder the club with the help of the awful Kean.
Then and only then can we even start to move forward.
Had she kept her nerve with Allardyce, Rovers would still be a Premiership club. Allardyce may have moved on by now, but he would have left Rovers in the Premiership. Big Sam does not do relegation.
It has been rumoured, by former players, Keith Andrews being one of them, that Venky’s didn’t even know Rovers could be relegated. They thought they had bought a franchise – similar to the Indian Cricket Premier League. UNBELEIVABLE.
It was well known in English football circles. That the ‘Big Pay Day’ from Sky TV to the Premier League was coming.  Hence the panic to stay in it or get into it.
Did Anderson not brief the new owners of this – OBVIOUSLY NOT.
The case for suing Andersons SEM agency for Millions and Millions of pounds is over whelming.
Venky’s must employ the best of International Solicitors. Why oh why do they not pursue Anderson through the courts ?.
Alleged mis-appropriation of funds, alleged mis-leading advice, alleged mis-management, alleged malpractice, alleged fraud and deception. Who knows ? I haven’t a clue  - but I am sure there is a solicitor who will.
What is Mrs Desai afraid of ? Maybe the cost of proceedings. But they have lost enough money already so what the hell. Maybe not a strong enough case. Maybe Anderson has not a case to answer. Or maybe she and her brothers are totally embarrassed at being taken for ‘Mugs’ ?.
Just look at those twenty English Premiership Clubs now flourishing Mrs Desai – yours could have been one of them.



Blackburn Rovers might seem an unlikely beneficiary of India’s tough new rules on beef.
But Venky’s, the owner of Blackburn Rovers, is one of the big winners from a beef ban imposed this month by Hindu Nationalist – who revere the Cow – in Maharashtra, the countries second most populous state, with 114 million people.
Venky’s (pic above), India’s leading poultry producer, may not be popular among die hard Rovers fans, who were relegated from the Premier League in 2012, only two years after they bought the indebted club.
However the company is set to benefit from surging demand for Chicken after the ban imposed by Narendra Modi’s hard-line Bharatiya Janata party (BJP). It includes a possible five year prison sentence for possession of a steak !
Prasanna Pedgaonkar, the deputy general of Venkky’s has predicted an immediate 5% jump in sales, and rising. Chicken, he said, was a “direct alternative to Beef”.
Rovers fans hope higher sales will translate into more and better players.
Will Venky’s channel their unexpected wind-fall into the football club. With FFP it is not that simple.
But when the likes of Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich and Man City owner Sheik Mansour, are becoming more and more disillusioned with UEAFA’s FFP rules. And the ‘fun’ of owning an English club being taken away, things may about to be changed.
FFP undoubtedly helps the rich to stay rich as Gianni Infantino, the bodies general secretary acknowledges.
But the Super Big Guns, Chelsea and Man City are not happy at being restricted in what they can spend on their clubs.
A change In thinking to FFP could help Venky’s release some of their new found wealth into Rovers coffers.


For more detailed information re- India’s Beef ban go to Robin Pagnament, The Times Business Web Site.


The maligned Shebby Singh (pic above) is no longer at Ewood Park. Having being instrumental in some shocking decisions. Including bringing in several below average Portuguese Football players, at huge expense, which Rovers have or are in in the process of getting rid of.
Not to mention the appointment of the hapless Henning Berg. Most people will say Rovers are well rid of Shebby Singh.
For my part he will always have my thanks for the part he played in the eventual departure of the awful Steve Kean.
But the one thing he did seem to get absolutely spot-on was his determination to appoint Tim Sherwood as Rovers manager.
Sherwood at the time was head coach of Spurs Academy and was not available.
Twice Singh tried for Sherwood. Twice the Spurs Chairman Daniel Levy refused Singh permission to speak to Sherwood.
Only for Singh to finally give up resulting in the disastrous appointments of Berg and then Appleton.
Ex –Rovers player Sherwood, who spent 7 years at Ewood, was interested in talking to Rovers but Levy was adamant he was going nowhere.
Since then Sherwood has gone on to successfully manage Spurs for 6 months. Having lost the Spurs job, incorrectly in my opinion Sherwood is now manager of Aston Villa.
And what a good job he is doing. His enthusiasm is infectious and Villa are revitalised, in the FA Cup semi-final and looking like having every chance of avoiding relegation.
How QPR must regret not appointing Sherwood when they had the chance.
Maybe Shebby Singh was right when he said “Sherwood is the next best thing”.
However, don’t get me wrong, although Tim Sherwood would have been an inspired appointment, I am more than happy with Gary Bowyer.