A long held tradition at all English Football grounds is a Pie and hot beverage.
I have been having a pie and coffee at Ewood Park since my first Rovers game v Notts Forrest in 1957. Being part of the day out and the football experience.
But what has happened to all the Pies at Ewood Park ?, over the last couple of seasons maybe longer.
Holland’s Pies of Baxenden have disappeared. To be replaced by Clayton Park Pies of Accrington.
Now one thing I am is a connoisseur of Meat and Potato Pies. My football views, as you all keep telling me, are rubbish. But I won’t be dismissed when the subject comes to Meat and Potato Pies.
Sorry Clayton Park Pies but you are an inferior brand compared to the iconic Holland’s.
Maybe it is a cost cutting exercise and Nigel Howarth of Heathcote’s, who have the catering franchise make a bigger profit margin.
But at £2.50 ‘a throw’ we expect a good quality Meat and Potato Pie.
What is your opinion – Discuss.



Jordan Rhodes (pic above) will not play his 100th game for Blackburn Rovers this weekend v Bournemouth.
Instead he will be Premiership bound for Hull City.
If Hull meet Rovers £12 Million valuation, I will drive him their myself !. it is a fantastic piece of business.
Despite Rhodes 53 goals in 99 games, Rovers need the money to help them meet their FPP requirements. Rovers are woefully short of making those requirements due to the Kean and Anderson ‘Spending Frenzy’ in 2012.
Do not blame Gary Bowyer for Rovers predicament. Bowyer has gone a long way to putting wrongs to right.
Rovers face the financial abyss because of two men, Kean and Anderson.
Why the Rovers owners do not just come out and make it public I don’t know.
Cardiff City have. Owner Vincent Tan was taken for a financial ride by his ex-manager Malky McKay and ex- Director of Football Ian Moody. And has said so.
Cardiff losses pale into comparison compared to the losses Venky’s incurred under Kean. Venky’s foolishly trusted Kean and Anderson. Kean’s management-ship has threatened the very future and existence of the club.
That’s why Rhodes has to go.
Money is still owed to Huddersfield, and they will take a cut of any profit in the sell-on price. But Rovers will have money to help balance the books and another large wage of the books.
Rovers are in a strong position to negotiate the sale of Rhodes hence the new 5 year contract he was recently given.
Rhodes has more than re-paid the faith Rovers have shown in him. And has probably kept Rovers in the Championship. But ‘Needs Must’.
Possibly Rovers have had his best years ? I am a little surprised a Premiership Club wants him. I do not think he has the necessary quality, I hope I am wrong. Even Gordon Strachan does not select him for Scotland. Maybe I am wrong and Rhodes will surprise me in the Prem.
If Rhodes does go, and he will, all is not doom and gloom. Burnley sold their star striker this time last year. Relegation was forecast by all and sundry, and look what happened to them.
Whatever happens at the Rovers, fans must get behind Bowyer. He is not the villain, he is our salvation.
In November 2011 Rovers fans embraced the Venky takeover, and the sacking of Sam Allardyce. Having done my due diligence I told everyone it would ‘End In Tears’- it is well documented – Nobody listened – The useless Lancashire Telegraph even banned me – so do not keep moaning now. Embrace Bowyer and his team.
You never know maybe Eric Kinder will unearth a ‘gem’ from the U/21.
Keep on hoping. Keep on supporting. Rhodes is going and Bowyer is staying. There is no other way.
It is not a question of promotion to the Premiership. That is for the future. It is all about the very survival of Blackburn Rovers. That is why Rhodes is being sold.
Don’t believe me ?. look at Leeds Utd over the past few years, they have gone from crisis to crisis. Look at Crystal Palace who almost went out of existence twice.
Both those clubs financial problems pale into significance compared to the mess Kean and Anderson left Blackburn Rovers in.
Think about it !.


The furore following Rovers exit from the Capital One Cup was quite alarming.
Just 3 games into the new season and some Rovers fans are asking for the ‘Head’ of manager Gary Bowyer. (pic above).
Browsing through the Lancashire Telegraph’s website comments, as I sometimes do. The ‘Bowyer Bashers’ were out in force.
One supporter stated “Bowyer out, Kean in”.
Have some people no brain. Is anyone still in doubt what damage the awful Kean did to this Football Club?
Damage so severe it could yet prove terminal and borders on the criminal.
“GET REAL”. If we are to have opinions, and we are all entitled to them, then at least let us exercise some common sense.
“KEAN IN” ???. I would not let him near a Sunday school league XI. Never mind Blackburn Rovers FC.
Back to Bowyer. It’s probably because of Bowyer we are not now playing in Division One.
It’s because of Bowyer, Rovers are still trading as a going concern.
The mess he  has had to clear up should be stated and made public in no uncertain terms by Chief Executive Derek Shaw and the owners Venky’s of London.
In the same way Cardiff City owner Vincent Tan has made public the misdemeanours of ex-manager Malky McKay.
Failure to do so is letting Gary Bowyer down.
Why are the Rovers hierarchy protecting Kean and his agent Jerome Anderson ?.
The damage they have done to Blackburn Rovers should be laid bare.
Back to Bowyer. In twelve months he has taken us from near certain relegation to within 2 points of the play-offs.
Another of the ‘Bowyer out Brigade’  said this was “Because other teams went of the boil”. WHAT LOGIC IS THAT.?
There is a clamour growing amongst Rovers fans for an experienced BIG name Manager. Not since Sam Allardyce have we had a Manager of repute.
I can understand that to a certain extent. Nobody clamoured for such a Manager more than me. But Bowyer has been a ‘Breath Of Fresh Air’ and deserves his chance.
NEIL WARNOCK – TIM SHERWOOD – NEIL LENNON – MALKY McKAY – BRIAN McDERMOTT – TONY PULIS – AND DAVID MOYES. Are all top notch Managers out of work and looking for a job.
All these candidates and many more are being touted by fans to replace Bowyer. But would they want to come to the Rovers with no money to build the team ( It was all spent in Kean’s 2012 spending frenzy). And dwindling attendances following the Kean era.
Rovers are no longer a ‘BIG CLUB’. But one of many struggling small town teams.
NO, stick with Bowyer. He has been at the club 9 years. He has a love and feel  for the club and the town.
Give him time and we might, just might one day restore Blackburn Rovers back into the Premiership.


The awful Steve Kean took his first steps to attempt to get back into English Football when he launched a self-promoting campaign last weekend with the help of the Daily Mirror.
The Daily Mirror ran a double page story regarding the awful Kean last Saturday 2nd August. Written by James Nursey under the banner EXCLUSIVE.
For those of you who did not see the article here is a brief resume.
Kean is managing Brunei DPMM in the 12 team Singapore League. Equivalent to our Conference North Division.
Brunei are owned by Crown Prince Al-Muhtadee Billah, the Heir to the richest Monarchy in the world and who previously played for the club he owns.
Under Kean, Brunei have gone from 8th last season to closing in on the title as leaders of the 12 team Singapore League.
They won the League Cup and have a two-legged semi-final of the Singapore Cup coming up.
Once again Kean has tapped into a source of lucrative income. Having bled Venky’s dry and put the very future of Blackburn Rovers in jeopardy, during his uncontrolled spending frenzy.
In the article Kean once again plays the blame game, he blames his failure at Rovers on the selling of players such as – Jason Roberts, Brett Emerton, Keith Andrews, Ryan Nelsen, and Chris Samba. Failing to mention that the players just did not want to play for him, Andrews and Samba in particular.
He also blames a number of players coming into the club that he had not seen play. He refers to the 4 Portuguese players brought in by Shebby Singh. That are not even good enough to get into Eric Kinder’s U/21 team and are on massive wages. He fails to mention all the players that he had not seen play brought in with his blessing by Agent / Advisor to the club Jerome Anderson.
There is no mention by Kean of all the expensive ‘Dross, Kean saddled Rovers with in alleged collusion with his agent and friend Jerome (the man who ruined Blackburn Rovers) Anderson.
To mention them all would be tiresome but we all know who they are, but as a reminder here are a few.
Leon Best-5 Year Contract salary £37,000 per week.
Danny Murphy-5 Year Contract £40,000 pw.
David Goodwillie-3 Year Contract £30,000 pw.
Dickson Etuhu-5 Year Contract £40,000 pw.
Bradley Orr-5 Year Contract £30,000 pw.
(Rewarded by Kean for his public support on Sky TV following relegation).
Not to mention Ruben Rochina. Maurio Formica. Fabio Nunes. All allegedly on 5 Year Contract’s and £30,000 pw. And we won’t even go into Myles Anderson, Jerome Anderson son, who was given a Premiership contract, squad number, lucrative salary and couldn’t even play football.
You couldn’t make it up !.
All these and many more signed by Kean and recruited by Anderson. A Rovers source informed me that Kean, allegedly made himself a very rich man with his alleged ‘cut’ from agent fee’s, Anderson’s alleged reward to Kean for complying to his Rovers Recruitment.
How were the  Roa family so neive? Why didn’t someone tell them what was going on?.
Well, Tom Finn and John Williams tried to-the thanks they got for their effort was the sack.
Then Paul Hunt, acting Chairman, tried the same and went public with his criticism of Kean. He also got the sack for his trouble.
Anderson and Kean were all powerful. They had Mrs Anuradha Desai ‘Eating Out Of Their Hands’. She would not hear a wrong word said about them. How she has paid the price !.
The big mystery is why Venky’s of London (Rovers Owners) not made public the mess Kean and Anderson left the club in, are they embarrassed?
A bigger mystery is why have not started legal proceedings to sue Anderson and his company for mismanagement, misleading advice, wrongful representation and gross negligence. The list is endless.
I reckon if you take into consideration Anderson’s advice to sack Allardyce and appoint Kean. Leading to relegation. Sacking Finn and Williams, lead to Anderson running amok with Rovers financial resources. Plunging the club into financial meltdown. And in breach of Financial Fair Play Rules, leading to a possible transfer embargo this January. £100 Million would be a conservative amount to sue Anderson for.
Speaking to journalist on the Lancashire Telegraph, (who shall remain nameless) the paper trail of Anderson’s and Kean’s transactions are sketchy.
No they are not.
That is the LT excuse for not doing their job properly, with some good investigative journalism.
That would certainly have happened at the Telegraph in the days of Peter White and Terry Ibbotson. When the Telegraph employed ‘proper’ journalist’. But then again in those days they had a proper editor.
The worse kept secret at Ewood Park is that Kean was allegedly ‘on the take’. He ruined the club. And until Derek Shaw took over as Managing Director, Kean went unchecked.
But he was Anuradha Desai’s ‘Blue-eyed Boy’. And he ‘kicked her in the teeth’. Just as he does to everyone he comes across.
I have read in the Lancashire Telegraph readers’ comments of criticism of Gary Bowyer during pre-season.
Bowyer has started steps to save the Football club. With the support of Derek Shaw. He has been given the task of ridding the club of Kean’s expensive garbage. And making inroads into Rovers £60 Million debt.
Never mind having to manage the team as well. Thirty players have gone since Bowyer took the reins. 30 players off the wages bill. And as for criticism of Rovers transfer policy and Venky’s not providing funds. They can’t-simple as that, under FFP rules. In fairness to the Roa family they are providing money to pay off the contracts of some of Kean’s mistakes.
Danny Murphy and Dickson Etuhu £2 Million each for example. Instead of buying new players. It is painful but has to be done.
Rovers fans mock Burnley. We wouldn’t have it any other way. But Burnley for example, are financial secured, they run a tight ship. Rovers could go into liquidation. Burnley won’t. Neither will near neighbours Blackpool. Where owner Owen Oysten would never allow a Kean or Anderson anywhere near the place.
Amazingly some Rovers fans still have a good word for Kean-GET REAL. The man is a menace. His misdemeanours must be made public by Blackburn Rovers owners. They will be surprised at the sympathetic response and will gain much needed credibility.
Rovers must make sure that Kean does not work in football on these shores again. For everyone’s sake.
And Kean is the man who accused Allardyce of being a crook !



When the new season fixtures were published on 19th June 2014. I read and listened to all the Sports journalists / pundits’ predictions for promotion from the Championship to the Premiership.
Rovers did not receive one mention.
‘ The experts’ favourites are – CARDIFF – FULHAM – NORWICH. Understandably the 3 relegated teams with their record £93 Million parachute payments from the Prem. (how Venky’s missed the boat by sacking Allardyce).
Other strongly fancied teams are DERBY – WIGAN – and surprisingly - WOLVES.
Not a mention of Blackburn Rovers. I think the ‘experts’ have under estimated Gary Bowyer’s (pic above) side. And dismissing Rovers end of season run of 12 unbeaten games and still counting.
I would be very surprised if Rovers are not contenders this season.
Bowyer knows that in this, his second full season in charge, he has to produce.
Keeping Jordan Rhodes is of course vital. But I wonder if his new lucrative 5 year contract is just lining him up for a massive move. If Rovers receive that £14 Million bid they require for Rhodes, I will drive him there myself !