With regard to my article.
ROVERS SNUBBED BY SKY TV. Posted 17th October 2014 (See article)
Has caused quite a stir not to mention controversy.
I have been heavily criticised for suggesting racial issues maybe one of the reasons for Rovers being ignored by Sky.
Although only a suggestion, one of several, it went down ‘like a lead balloon’ on social media outlets I was well and truly ‘Blasted’. Perhaps deservingly so.
However one ‘correspondent’ called DANNO 666, introduced a new twist to the issue. Posting on the Lancashire Telegraph website comments page and on social media DANNO 666 wrote the following, and I quote.
“I do think Sky have an agenda re-Rovers. And have had since Jerome Anderson (pic above) and his cronies milked Venky’s and the club for everything they could during the Steve Kean era. (Football pundit Charlie Nicholas being one of Andersons cronies).
Quite a few of Sky Tv Sports Team are represented by Andersons agency. Hence the infamous interview Anderson gave live on air when he slagged off Rovers fans, and basically blamed us for starting World War 2.
Despite the likes of Simon Garner and other various journalists stating Rovers fans should have a right of reply it fell on death ears. The useless Lancashire Telegraph did nothing.
Sky run the show and S.E.M / Kentaro, Andersons agency, help them along. If you look at the Wikipedia page for Anderson, it gives you a taste of what you are dealing with, ONE NASTY MAN.
They took advantage in a massive and allegedly criminal way.
Why don’t Venky’s sue ?
Miles Anderson anyone” ?
DANNO 666. 17th October 2014

So a new twist. Is Jerome Anderson working in the background against Blackburn Rovers interest out of malice and spite, As DANNO 666 suggests ?
I would not put it beyond the awful man.
He ruined Blackburn Rovers and is still trying to ruin the club further. Probably revenge for the backlash at his son Myles Anderson (the man who could not play football) getting a Premier League contract from Kean.
Where is Myles Anderson now ?
However, whatever the issues we need answers from Sky Sports. As to why Rovers are being ostracized.
Haven’t a clue were Myles Anderson is now. Can’t be bothered to find out. No doubt someone will tell me !


Blackburn Rovers Football Club have been given the cold shoulder by Sky Sports.
Starting on Friday 17th October 2014 until Tuesday 30th December 2014, Sky are featuring 28 live games from the Championship.
Rovers do not feature in one single game.
Insult is added to injury when every other club in the Championship is featured except Blackburn Rovers – WHY ?
What is the reason? Rovers supporters are entitled to know.
We have a new Director of communications, Mr Alan Myers (pic above), appointed on the 14th March 2014.
Myers has worked for Sky Sports. Rovers being one of the clubs he covered in the North West.
Myers needs to come up with some answers. I am furious. Does no one at Ewood Park care anymore ?
National coverage is vital to the future promotion and wellbeing of the club. Public relations are vital. An area Blackburn Rovers sadly lack in.
National coverage for Rovers in any media outlet is extremely poor. Some National Newspapers do not even carry reports of Rovers games.
We need a decent Press Officer. ‘Beating the Drum’ for the Rovers.
Back to the snub from Sky TV.
Between now and the 30th December all Championship clubs are featured live on TV by Sky at least once - except Rovers!
Derby – Notts Forest – Leeds, all feature live on Sky TV no less than five times each. Wolves and Fulham four times each. Charlton – Bolton – Watford, all feature 3 times each. Many feature twice. All other clubs at least once. And many have already featured several times over the season.
Rovers have made one appearance v Cardiff City on Friday 8th August and not featured since. WHY ?
I suggest our Director of Communications gets of his backside and starts doing his job and communicate !
Myers should get on the phone to his ex-colleagues at Sky and find out why the Rovers are being snubbed.
It is his job to promote the Rovers – otherwise he is not fit for purpose. And what is Managing Director Derek Shaw doing about all this ?
OR – is their underlying, sinister, reasons, Rovers are being snubbed ?
Rovers owners are Indian from the Sub-Continent. Do Sky operate a secretive Racial Discrimination Policy against clubs owned by people of Asian / Indian origin ?
Malaysian owned Cardiff City have hardly featured on Sky either. Is that a coincidence ?
To suggest racism by anyone should not be done lightly. But I am at a loss why Rovers are being ignored and the question needs asking.
OR  - have the Ewood Park hierarchy a poor relationship with Sky, for what ever reason. Supporters need to know.
Premiership clubs are exempt from any such issues. It is in the Sky contract all clubs have to feature a certain minimum number of times. Not so in the Championship.
We need answers. The profile of the club is diminishing.
Why has not the useless Lancashire Telegraph raised this issue ? Because they are lazy and don’t do their job properly.
I am not a fan or contributor to social Networks such as Twiitter and Facebook. But I know lots of Rovers supporters are.
I suggest they ‘get out there’ and ask the question why their club is being discriminated against. Or is it just a coincidence Blackburn Rovers are the only Championship Club ignored by Sky !!


In Bowyer I Trust

The dissatisfaction with Gary Bowyer by some Rovers fans beggars belief.
Do any of his critics have the slightest idea of what Bowyer is having to overcome following the disastrous sacking by Venky's of Sam Allardyce in December 2010. And the following disastrous two year reign of the awful Steve Kean and his agent Jerome (the man who ruined Blackburn Rovers) Anderson. In all fairness to Bowyer the Rao family should make public the misdemeanors and downright incompetence and mismanagement of the Kean / Anderson reign which borders on the criminal.
Bowyer has given Blackburn Rovers stability.
On Saturday v Huddersfield there was another cracking 90 minutes of entertainment at Ewood.
Every game so far (Scunthorpe apart ) has been well worth the money.
Ok, we did not win again. But the team is playing good entertaining football. For those having a 'moan', think not long back to Berg / Appleton and the awful Kean. The teams performances were terrible.
That is how far Gary Bowyer has progressed. He is on the right tracks.
Achieved under punitive restrictions. Keep it up Gary Bowyer. The wins will follow.
Promotion ? probably not, but we at last have a team to take pride in.
After the dark days of the awful Kean, it is progress.
No one could of done any better than Gary Bowyer.
In Bowyer I trust


Never ever in the past 50years plus, of reading the Lancashire Telegraph, have I witnessed such appalling Sports journalism as the present day.
I can stretch my memory back to the days of dear old Alf Thornton of the 50’s – 60’s.
In those days the Lancashire Evening Telegraph as it was known. Produced a Saturday night ‘pink’ edition that was a delight and a must read for all sports fans. In those days journalist’s earned their money, no social network. Just good old fashioned telephones and typewriters. No Twitter accounts to concentrate on.
The heroes of the day were, Bill Eckersley, Tommy Briggs, and later such as Matt Woods, Bryan Douglas, Ronnie Clayton and others far too many to mention.
Those were my informative days and the start of my love affair with Blackburn Rovers.
Rovers correspondents, with a few exceptions, have always been informative, opinionated and interesting. Not the dross we get in print today.
A local newspaper football correspondent should always lean towards his town team with a slight bias in his reporting. But critical when need be.
What we get today from the present incumbent, Paul Wheelcock (pic above) is utter dross. Uninteresting and uninspired. And his article criticising Gary Bowyer after the Rotherham game was a disgrace and shows his lack of any knowledge regarding what went on at Blackburn Rovers pre-Bowyer.
Wheelcock bases his reports and summaries almost solely on Bowyers after match interviews and comments and social media networks. What Bowyers opinions are form the basis of Wheelcocks Rovers reports. Of course the managers opinions have to reported and given prominence. But where are Wheelcocks opinions and conclusions ?.
It also unfair on Bowyer each week, to put all the emphasis on his after match interview. Bowyer is unlikely to ‘Blow his own Trumpet’. He needs the backing of the local Sports journalist and is not getting it.
Journalist Dan Clough is not much better.
This trend at the Telegraph started with the awful Steve [ the man who could not win football matches] Kean who completely dominated and bullied the local press. Unlike Gary Bowyer. Until Andy Cryer, Rovers correspondent at the time got wise to Kean and started to question Keans version of things. That was good journalism. Kean did not like it, he was used to his own way. Cryer even led the campaign to get rid of Kean, and our thanks to him for that. Not that anyone with half a brain wants rid of Bowyer. But what we do want is more informative cutting edge reporting.
For example, the recent home game v Derby. I think, as did Bowyer, that the game turned on a poor refereeing decision leading to Derby’s winning goal. No matter Derby edged the game, that decision ultimately cost Rovers the match.
Did Wheelcock make a point of this, did he emphasise it in his match report. NO. he did not. His headline for the game should have been ‘ROVERS ROBBED’. It should not be left for Bowyer to point out at is after match interview.
Wheelcock came to the Lancashire Telegraph from the Chester Chronicle on the 27th August 2013 after being their correspondent reporting on Chester FC. And I question his credentials for being the LT football correspondent reporting on the affairs of Blackburn Rovers. He is not qualified to do so, nor has any inkling or previous knowledge of the history of Blackburn Rovers football. Emphasised by his recent diabolical obituary of the late legendary Matt Woods. The LT did not even publish a photograph of Woods. For Christ Sake. Have they not got a photo of the 1960 Cup Final Team. The paper and its editor Kevin Young are a disgrace.
Wheelcock seems more interested in his Twitter account than cutting edge informative journalism. But is that not the way these days with Young fresh from university journalist.
Wheelcock does not know Blackburn. He has no connection with the town or the clubs history. He is just doing a job. He has no feelings or passions for the Rovers. Unlike previous journalists over the years.
For example. The late great Peter White. The indomitable Terry Ibbotson. The cutting edge Alan Simpson. And the local knowledge of Blackburn born Ken Adcroft. Not to mention the late Clitheroe born Arthur Whiteside, editor of the now defunct Blackburn Times. All local men. East Lancs born and bred. Under their time at the Telegraph Kean and Anderson would not have flourished. Venky’s would have been given a rough ride. John Williams and Tom Finn would not have been allowed to be cast aside by the Venky’s.
A strong local press is vital to the progress and wellbeing of the town team and its supporters.
All we get from the present Telegraph and useless editor and staff is lazy writing, bland, boring plastic journalism.
Good investigative journalism, were hard work is needed is unknown to them. Better to concentrate on their Twitter accounts.
I enjoy the comments of the reviewers on the Telegraph website  more than I do Wheelcocks plastic twaddle. For example the views of French Rover, Beetlejuice, Roverthehill, and many more. Not that I agree with them most of the time, but at least they are passionate genuine and provocative. And I am not joking, they make better reading than Wheelcocks ‘waste of newspaper space’.
Blackburn Rovers, Gary Bowyer and supporters deserve better.


It was apt that our former mid-field player Robbie Savage (pic above) was featured in the Rovers programme v Derby County.
Savage played three seasons for Rovers under manager Mark Hughes.
2005 – 2008, signed from Birmingham City for a bargain £3 Million. Savage was known at Ewood for his combative spirit and never say die attitude. Savage was a leader on the field.
Sadly the present Rovers team lack such a player as Savage. What Gary Bowyer would give for a player of Savages qualities?
Leadership is lacking on the field, heads fall down far too easily when Rovers concede a goal or the opposition has the upper hand. There is no one the players can take inspiration from.
Unfortunately Captain Grant Hanley, good player that he is, is not a leader. He has struggled with his own form of late.
Scott Dann was an ok leader. David Dunn can also rally the team. Unfortunately he is injured far too often and his playing days obviously coming to an end.
Following his departure from Rovers, Savage went to Derby where he spent a further three years helping to re-build the Derby side under manager Nigel Clough.
Rovers need a present day Savage. Urgently.