Manager less Carlisle are in crisis. Relegated last season, they have yet to win and sit rock bottom of league two.
They may turn to their former reserve team coach / manager Eric Kinder (pic above) now Blackburn Rovers highly thought of U/21 manager.
Blackburn born Kinder, joined Rovers 12 months ago from Carlisle as part of Gary Bowyers new look coaching staff.
Upon joining Rovers, Blackburn born Kinder, described the 7 years he spent at Carlisle as “the happiest in his life” and still has a home there.
Despite the offer of a new five year contract from Carlisle, Kinder reluctantly left for his home town team to join the persuasive Bowyer.
Kinder was shocked by the lack of up and coming talent at Brockhall for his U/21 side and has had to search home and abroad for young talent. After the years of neglect by former manager “The Awful Steve Kean” who adopted a ‘scatter gun’ buying policy of no hopers at considerable cost to the club.
Kinder, like Bowyer, works on a shoe string.
56 year old Kinder, a single man, has no pressing family ties and could easily make the move to Carlisle.
Eric Kinder played non-league football, mainly for Clitheroe and was a prominent cricketer in the Lancashire league with Rishton.
Kinder also formed and ran the Hare and Hounds FC at Lammack in the Blackburn Sunday League. Before entering the professional game and gaining all his coaching badges and qualifications.
He has also coached at Preston North End.
Carlisle are considering a move for the popular Rovers coach.
If Kinder did consider management with his former club his deputy, former Rovers goal keeper John Filan would in all probability take over the role as Rovers U/21 manager.
Gary Bowyer however is reluctant to lose the popular Kinder.


Since this item was posted.
Keith Curle has been appointed the new Carlisle manager.
Eric Kinder, who was never interested in the job, is more than happy to remain at the Rovers. 22.09.14


Ex-Rovers and former England striker Jams Beattie (pic above) has left his post as manager of Accrington Stanley after 16 months in the post.
Beattie guided Accrington to safety in League Two for the last two seasons. Despite the poorest attendances in the Football League.
Beattie is rum rumoured, to have in the past, used his own money to help cash strapped Stanley to pay the bills.
But Football is a fickle business and after just 6 games in charge this season, and one win, Beattie has gone.
I last saw Beattie, with the Accrington Chairman and secretary, at Ewood Park watching the Rovers v Cardiff game in August. He was full of high spirits and optimistic for the coming season.
Blackburn Rovers veteran mid-fielder David Dunn is in the running to fill the post.
The Great Harwood born Dunn, was close links with the Accrington club.
Rovers U/21 manager Eric Kinder has also been linked with the post.


Since this item was posted John Coleman has returned as manager of Accrington Stanley. But my sources assure me that David Dunn was under consideration.


Cardiff City’s owner Vincent Tan has launched an internal enquiry into the transfer dealings of former manager Malky Mackay, Director of Football Ian Moody and agent Phil Smith.
Tan, seen as the villain by Cardiff’s supporters following relegation from the Premiership, is now being seen in a different light.
Cardiff owner Tan, has engaged London law firm Mishcon de Reya, whose investigation obtained a search order from the high court to enter Moody’s house in Balham. Seizing work computers and phones and taking electric imagery of evidence. They are investigating alleged wrong doing relating to transfers.
Tan estimates £30 Million was miss-spent, and is funding the investigation to the tune of £750,000.
Why the Rao family (pic above) do not pursue a similar course of action against agent Jerome Anderson and Manager Steve Kean for alleged transfer anomalies, is beyond me.
It is common knowledge at Brockhall and Ewood Park that money was misspent.
Below average players were bought for far too much money and put on ridiculous large contracts, that makes Cardiff’s alleged ‘Misspent’ £30 Million pale into comparison.
‘To sweep the matter under the carpet’ is not fair on Manager Gary Bowyer and his staff or on Managing Director Derek Shaw. Who are all working hard to turn the club around following Kean’s disastrous two year reign.
Bowyer has had to clear out over 30 playing staff and reduce the wage bill. He is working on a ‘shoe string’, wheeling and dealing and negotiating loan deals.
U/21 Manager Eric Kinder, on arriving from Carlisle, has had to recruit players virtually from scratch. As Kean neglected the recruitment policy. A similar story appertains to Phil Cannon and the academy.
Maybe the Rao family are just plain embarrassed to make the facts public. But they have no need to be. Like Vincent Tan, public opinion would change and supporters would embrace them for their honesty. Everyone makes mistakes. Kean and Anderson were big mistakes.
I know my critics, and there are many, will say “that is in the past, move on”. But if mistakes are not addressed and revealed, history shows us they are repeated.
A weak and ineffective local press does not help. The Lancashire Telegraph is not fit for purpose. The reporting is bland, disinteresting, uninformative and boring. The term ‘investigative journalism’ is unknown to the hapless Telegraph.
I long for the days of those fine journalist’s, the late Peter White, Terry Ibbotson and Peter Simpson. Who would have laid bare the facts to the Blackburn public. Kean and Anderson would not have escaped unscathed.
PLEASE VENKY’S REVEAL THE FACTS. You won’t regret it. Even expect an increase in attendances at Ewood Park. Communication is the key to the way forward. At the end of the day the club belongs to the supporters. Reveal all !



A long held tradition at all English Football grounds is a Pie and hot beverage.
I have been having a pie and coffee at Ewood Park since my first Rovers game v Notts Forrest in 1957. Being part of the day out and the football experience.
But what has happened to all the Pies at Ewood Park ?, over the last couple of seasons maybe longer.
Holland’s Pies of Baxenden have disappeared. To be replaced by Clayton Park Pies of Accrington.
Now one thing I am is a connoisseur of Meat and Potato Pies. My football views, as you all keep telling me, are rubbish. But I won’t be dismissed when the subject comes to Meat and Potato Pies.
Sorry Clayton Park Pies but you are an inferior brand compared to the iconic Holland’s.
Maybe it is a cost cutting exercise and Nigel Howarth of Heathcote’s, who have the catering franchise make a bigger profit margin.
But at £2.50 ‘a throw’ we expect a good quality Meat and Potato Pie.
What is your opinion – Discuss.



Jordan Rhodes (pic above) will not play his 100th game for Blackburn Rovers this weekend v Bournemouth.
Instead he will be Premiership bound for Hull City.
If Hull meet Rovers £12 Million valuation, I will drive him their myself !. it is a fantastic piece of business.
Despite Rhodes 53 goals in 99 games, Rovers need the money to help them meet their FPP requirements. Rovers are woefully short of making those requirements due to the Kean and Anderson ‘Spending Frenzy’ in 2012.
Do not blame Gary Bowyer for Rovers predicament. Bowyer has gone a long way to putting wrongs to right.
Rovers face the financial abyss because of two men, Kean and Anderson.
Why the Rovers owners do not just come out and make it public I don’t know.
Cardiff City have. Owner Vincent Tan was taken for a financial ride by his ex-manager Malky McKay and ex- Director of Football Ian Moody. And has said so.
Cardiff losses pale into comparison compared to the losses Venky’s incurred under Kean. Venky’s foolishly trusted Kean and Anderson. Kean’s management-ship has threatened the very future and existence of the club.
That’s why Rhodes has to go.
Money is still owed to Huddersfield, and they will take a cut of any profit in the sell-on price. But Rovers will have money to help balance the books and another large wage of the books.
Rovers are in a strong position to negotiate the sale of Rhodes hence the new 5 year contract he was recently given.
Rhodes has more than re-paid the faith Rovers have shown in him. And has probably kept Rovers in the Championship. But ‘Needs Must’.
Possibly Rovers have had his best years ? I am a little surprised a Premiership Club wants him. I do not think he has the necessary quality, I hope I am wrong. Even Gordon Strachan does not select him for Scotland. Maybe I am wrong and Rhodes will surprise me in the Prem.
If Rhodes does go, and he will, all is not doom and gloom. Burnley sold their star striker this time last year. Relegation was forecast by all and sundry, and look what happened to them.
Whatever happens at the Rovers, fans must get behind Bowyer. He is not the villain, he is our salvation.
In November 2011 Rovers fans embraced the Venky takeover, and the sacking of Sam Allardyce. Having done my due diligence I told everyone it would ‘End In Tears’- it is well documented – Nobody listened – The useless Lancashire Telegraph even banned me – so do not keep moaning now. Embrace Bowyer and his team.
You never know maybe Eric Kinder will unearth a ‘gem’ from the U/21.
Keep on hoping. Keep on supporting. Rhodes is going and Bowyer is staying. There is no other way.
It is not a question of promotion to the Premiership. That is for the future. It is all about the very survival of Blackburn Rovers. That is why Rhodes is being sold.
Don’t believe me ?. look at Leeds Utd over the past few years, they have gone from crisis to crisis. Look at Crystal Palace who almost went out of existence twice.
Both those clubs financial problems pale into significance compared to the mess Kean and Anderson left Blackburn Rovers in.
Think about it !.