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QPR with four successive home victories have lifted themselves 3 points clear of Rovers and with a superior goal difference which can be worth a point in itself, and with a home game to come against Stoke, an almost certain 3 pts given current form, and don’t be surprised if QPR snatch a point against a weary Chelsea at Stamford Bridge this Sunday, QPR will have maintained their Premiership status, probably at Rovers expense, fully justifying the appointment of ex Rovers Mark Hughes (above) appointment back in January.

It is quite amazing the effect a new manager can have on a team, granted Hughes was given a sizeable transfer budget to recruit some quality players. But even so a new face, new voice,new ideas,new methods,new tactics,can galvonise an under performing team.

No better example than Chelsea, same players now a different team, or Sunderland again new manager, same players, different team. Both QPR and Sunderland were below Rovers when new managers were recruited. Unlike Mrs Anuradha Desai who flatly refused to replace Kean at Christmas even though Rovers were languishing bottom with a all-time low ten points. This despite recommendations from within her staff at Ewood Park itself to replace Kean.

We are all now going to pay the price for that decision. Rovers are now in free fall and heading for oblivion.

Everyone is fed up with Kean, even the players have now turned on him. Bust ups behind the scenes are rife and players cannot wait to leave in the summer. Already their agents are working behind the scenes to find new clubs for the likes of Robinson, Yakubu, Dann, Hoilett,Nzonzi, Rochina, to name but a few.

All the fault of course of Mrs Desai now deafening by her silence.

This Rovers team and their manager would not finish in the top half of the Championship and probably under Kean be involved in another relegation scrap to stay in the second tier of English Football.

If Mrs Desai and her brothers are at all serious about the clubs future they have to start by removing Kean. Not until then can wounds and ill feeling between and the owners and supporters start to mend.

It begs the question however who of any repute would they get to work for them?

If a proper manager was appointed, the difference they would see to the mood around Ewood Park would amaze them, and they then will realise their big mistake in appointing Kean in the first place.



With regard to appointing inexperienced managers look no further than not only Kean at Blackburn but also Terry Connor at Wolves. Enough said.


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